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Designed to ensure holistic & sustainable health outcomes for our clients.

Here are the key elements that differentiate our program:



By offering a comprehensive approach to treatment with semaglutide, managing side effects, continuous monitoring, and planning for a future without medication, our wellness program provides a robust framework for achieving and maintaining optimal health. This holistic strategy ensures that clients are not just treated, but truly supported throughout their entire wellness journey.

Here's how our program at Eternity Wellness is different:

1. Comprehensive Approach to Treatment

Individualized Care Plans: We create personalized treatment plans tailored to each client’s specific health needs and goals. This ensures that every aspect of their wellness journey is addressed, providing a targeted approach that maximizes the benefits of semaglutide.

Holistic Health Integration: Our program goes beyond just prescribing semaglutide. We integrate various aspects of wellness, including nutrition, exercise, mental health, and lifestyle changes, to support overall health and well-being.

2. Managing Side Effects

Proactive Side Effect Management: We monitor clients closely to identify and manage any side effects of semaglutide early on. This includes providing support for common issues such as gastrointestinal discomfort, ensuring that any side effects are minimized and do not interfere with the client’s quality of life.

3. Continuous Monitoring

Regular Health Assessments: We conduct regular check-ups and health assessments to monitor the body’s response to semaglutide. This includes tracking vital signs, body composition, weight, blood glucose levels, micronutrients, and other relevant health metrics to ensure the treatment is effective and safe.

4. Future Planning and Weaning Off Medication

Long-term Wellness Strategy: Our program is designed with a long-term perspective in mind. We educate clients on sustainable lifestyle changes that will support their health even after they wean off semaglutide.

Gradual Weaning Process: When the time is right, we implement a structured plan to gradually reduce and eventually stop semaglutide. This process is carefully monitored to ensure that clients maintain their health gains and do not experience a rebound in weight or other issues.

Ongoing Support: Even after weaning off the medication, clients continue to receive support from our wellness team. This includes regular follow-ups, access to wellness resources, and guidance to help them stay on track with their health goals.


5. Educational Resources

Empowering Clients with Knowledge: We provide extensive educational resources to help clients understand how semaglutide works, its benefits, and potential side effects. This empowers them to make informed decisions about their health.

Workshops and Seminars: Regular Wellness Wednesday workshops and seminars on topics like nutrition, exercise, stress management, and healthy living are offered to ensure clients have the knowledge and tools to maintain their health independently.

6. Community and Support Network

Building a Supportive Community: We foster a sense of community among our clients through community events. Sharing experiences and challenges with others on a similar journey can provide motivation and encouragement.

The Semaglutide + Support Membership includes the following: 

Contact Eternity Wellness at 502.444.8100 or Book a Semaglutide Assessment for more information. 

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