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Rejuven8-a non-comedogenic gentle facial cleanser that leaves the skin lipid barrier intact, making it safe for sensitive and dehydrated skin types.  This product is paraben-free and safe to use following aesthetic procedures. Pasaflora Edulis fruit extract renews the lipid layer of the skin and provides moisture. Gentle enough to remove eye makeup. Foams slightly. 


Satur8-is a pure hyaluronic acid and zinc formula that aids in providing a protective barrier between your skin and the environment to ensure optimal protection and hydration post treatment. It works to provide T.E.W.L. (trans epidermal water loss) and reduce erythema while binding 1000 times its weight in moisture in the skin. This formula minimizes the appearance of redness on contact. 


Hyaluronic Acid-helps promote an ideal healing environment.

Zinc-aids in skin recovery

Copper-promotes collagen and elastin production.


Hydra8-harnesses the nourishing power of organic coconut milk to infuse skin with hydration post session. Hydr8 is a hyaluronic acid based moisturizer that aids in the skins ability to retain moisture. This formula is paraben-free and non-irritating and reduces the appearance of irritation.


Hyaluronic Acid

Coconut Milk- helps to hydrate and nourish skin with essential vitamins and minerals. 

Ellagic Acid- provides antioxidant benefits to minimize collagen degradation.



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