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Less 🌞 means it's time to MICRONEEDLE!


Microneedling facial- $200 ($75off)

PRP Microneedling- $350 ($100 off)

Procedure includes POST- CARE KIT sample.

Microneedling AKA Collagen induction therapy is a minimally-invasive procedure that aims to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars by stimulating existing collagen and elastin. MEDICAL-GRADE microneedling facials are highly effective in creating smoother, firmer skin with an EVEN TONE & TEXTURE!

Microneedling can also:

✔REVISE SCARS: C-section & other surgical scars, ACNE scars, etc.


✔IMPROVEME PORE SIZE: this is probably the first change you'll notice... even after one treatment!

✔TIGHTEN SKIN: stubborn fine lines and wrinkles that BOTOX can't fix can be softened.

✔REGROW HAIR- with the addition of PRP

✔REDUCE APPEARANCE of cellulite & stretch marks

1hr for numbing & procedure

4-6 weeks until final results are fully noticeable.

3-5 treatments for optimal results

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